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We shall not be responsible for any incorrect or inaccurate information created by the website users or by our company or caused by technical equipment or software application related to the website or by human caused error which can occur when processing the data entered into the website content. We shall not be responsible for any content of any other website to which our website includes links to.
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Privacy Policy:
Certain features of the website might be available only after a registration (username and password and possibly other contact information). The website can further offer a feature of information sending (newsletter, menu, etc.) to an email address or to a home address, a telephone number or any other contact information, but only after a registration with provision of a contact data. In such event, we will handle the information only in line with the purpose for which they were provided and we shall not provide this data to any third parties. You have a right to cancel the registration at any moment and based on such cancelation we shall delete the provided data.
From time to time we may use the provided data for sending information on goods or services which, based on our opinion, might be interesting for you (the company’s Vltavská plavební s.r.o. legitimate interests); you shall be entitled to refuse the use of the provided data in such manner at any moment and we shall be obliged to respect the refusal. Upon request, we shall, at any moment, provide information on which of your data is processed by us or we can correct it or modify it in line with the request. If you do not wish so, you shall not be obliged to provide any data.

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Changes of terms:
All changes of these terms shall be provided on this website.

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